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EPOS | Sennheiser SC 260 Wide Band Binaural headset with Noise Cancelling mic – high impedance for standard phones, Easy Disconnect

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The EPOS Sennheiser IMPACT SC260 is a binaural, wideband noise cancelling corded headset. It is designed to be used with your desk phone, smart phone, or computer each of which requires the correct connector cable.

The EPOS Sennheiser IMPACT SC 260 is an over the head wearing style, the microphone can be worn on either right or left by rotating the mic boom.

It features supreme comfort, noise-canceling microphone and ergo-headband. ActiveGard hearing protection compliments these features by protecting the wearer from dangerous acoustic shocks.

With its combination of productivity-enhancing features and call-center-tested durability, SC 260 helps users perform at their best, whatever the environment.

Key features:

* Optimized for desk phones
* Enjoy all-day wearing comfort
* Enjoy all-day wearing comfort
* Benefit from robust design
* Easy Disconnect for convenience

Technical Data
Operating Temperature Range
5°C – 45°C

Storage Temperature Range
-20°C – 70°C

Microphone frequency response
150 – 6.800 Hz (Wideband)

Speaker frequency response
50 – 18.000 Hz

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 202 × 158 × 62 mm

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