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InvisibleShield Glass Elite AM-iPhone 14 Mx/13 Pro Max


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:Maximum Impact Protection with Anti-microbial Treatment that Protects Your Screen Protector* InvisibleShield has reimagined what screen protection can do. Glass Elite is made with ion exchange technology and aluminosilicate glass. It’s our strongest glass screen protection to date.


:Increased strength, durability, and scratch resistance come from our ion exchange technology which improves surface compression. ClearPrint is a revolutionary oil-dispersing treatment, exclusive to Glass Elite, that makes fingerprints nearly invisible. The reinforced edges prevent chips and cracks from starting and spreading. Glass Elite preserves your screens touch sensitivity so that it responds to every tap and swipe. The smooth finish of Glass Elite feels just likeyour phones own screen. Patented EZ Apply® tabs, an installation tray and a rubber install mat make applying your InvisibleShield easy and bubble-free.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 11.9 × 1.7 mm

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