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mbeat® activiva True HEPA Air Purifier, Removes up to 99.95% Air Dust, Dust Mite, Bacteria, Mold, Pollen, Cooking Odor, Ideal for Office, House (LS)

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mbeat® activiva True HEPA Air Purifier, 50m3/h Fine Preliminary Filter Layer + H13 HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon Layer UV-C tube light


4-Step filtration system – Removes up to 99.95 easy to setup and move around the house, with simple and intuitive controls to maximise air quality in an area up to 25m.. Keeping it simple and clean.

Difference you can smell – 4-step air filtration system of preliminary particulates filter, medical grade H13 True HEPA air filter, activated carbon filter, UV-C germicidal light.

Quiet efficiency – Operating at 40dB with Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 150m./h – enjoy clean air delivered quickly in an ambiance no louder than a quiet library.


Input Power: DC12V/2A

CADR: 150m3/h

Noise Level:

Speed High: Approx. 40dB
Speed Mid: Approx. 35dB
Sleep Mode: Approx. 25dB

True HEPA H13 Filter
Consisting of: Fine Preliminary Filter Layer + H13 HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon Layer
Buttons Controls: Speed High, Speed Mid, Sleep, Filter, UV-C

UV-C: UV-C tube light × 1

Application Area: Up to 25m2

Product Size: 205mm × 205mm × 385mm

Product Weight: 2.1kg

Package Contents: 1 × Air Purifier, 1 × Manual, 1 × Power Adapter

Package Size: 220mm × 220mm × 432mm

Weight 2.66 kg
Dimensions 226 × 434 × 222 mm

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