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Western Digital WD Red Plus 12TB 3.5″ NAS HDD SATA3 7200RPM 256MB Cache 24×7 180TBW ~8-bays NASware 3.0 CMR Tech 3yrs wty

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Western Digital WD Red 12TB 3.5″ NAS HDD SATA3 7200RPM 256MB Cache 24×7 NASware 3.0 CMR Tech 3yrs wty

WD Red Red Pro NAS HDD – Designed and Optimized for NAS Compatibility

WD Red Provides Storage Compatible with Leading NAS Systems
With drives up to 14TB, the WD Red series offers a wide array of solutions for customers looking to build a high performing NAS storage solution. WD Red drives are built for up to 8-bay NAS systems, and pack the power to store your precious data in one powerhouse unit. Increase the efficiency and productivity of your business with WD Red Pro drives, available for up to 24-bay NAS systems.

PC drives aren’t typically tested or designed for the rigors of a NAS system. Do right by your NAS and choose the drive with an array of features to help preserve your data and maintain optimum performance.

Tested with a wide range of NAS systems for optimum performance and compatibility

Designed to operate in the always-on environment of a NAS or RAID configuration

High Capacity
Capacities up to 14TB allow the flexibility to build the optimal NAS solution

Built for NAS compatibility
NASware™ 3.0 technology
Engineered to run cool and quiet
Designed for RAID environments
Noise and Vibration Protection

Applications and Workload
Up to 8-bay NAS Systems (WD Red)
Medium to Large NAS environments up to 24 bay (WD Red Pro)
RAID Configurations

Weight 0.64 kg
Dimensions 104 × 148 × 30 mm

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