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Astrotek 3m Serial RS232 Null Modem Cable – DB9 Female to Female 9 pin Wired Crossover for Data Transfer btw 2 DTE devices Computer Terminal Printer

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Astrotek Null Modem Cable 3m – DB9F/9F 7C 30AWG-Cu Molded type RoHS Black

The Astrotek null modem cable with DB-9 females connectors on both sides. Ideal for talking between two computer devices. These cables are fully molded with thumb screws. They can also be used for data transfer and are great for laptop usage for data transfer programs. Null modem cables are used to transfer data between machines. Occasionally used for data transfer between two PC”s (use Windows Direct Cable Connection software or LapLink) but more commonly now, used to update Satellite/Cable Receivers from your PC (please check your instructions to make sure this is the correct cable). Suitable for Dreambox, Technomate, Humax, EchoStar, Manhattan and may more.Serial Null Modem Cable DB9 Female to DB9 Female cable.

• Null-modem wiring scheme
• Fully molded connector and strain relief
• DB 9pin male to male

User Interface
Input DB 9 Female
Output DB 9 Female

Physical Characteristics
Colour Black
Cable Type Shielded Cable
Cable Length 3 Meters

1 Year

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 245 × 170 × 10 mm

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