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Cygnett Power and Protect 20K Power Bank – Black (CY4034PBCHE), 1x USB-C(15W), 2x USB-A (12W), Total Output 15W Max, Digital Display, Charge 3 Devices

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Cygnett Power and Protect 20K Power Bank – Black (CY4034PBCHE)

This high battery capacity Power Bank ensures you have peace of mind knowing your devices will always have the charge they need. Safely charge any of your Apple or Android phones, tablets, or earbuds simultaneously.Enjoy uninterrupted screen time with the power to fully charge your phone up to 5.2 times. Avoid a flat phone when you need it most with the Power Protect Power Bank, restoring your phone battery back to 100% no matter where you are.

1) Up to 5.2 phone charges from 0-100% battery
2) Suitable charging for any phone or earbuds
3) Up to 15W of charging power
4) x2 USB-A Out / x1 USB-C Outs / x1 Micro In

Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 160 × 110 × 32 mm

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