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Maxhub UCP 20 PTZ Conference Camera

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Maxhub UCP20 PTZ Conference Camera
* 4K UHD 1/2.5-Inch CMOS Sensor Delivers up to 8.51MP
* AVT Port Supports RJ45 over twisted pair & BNC
* Built In Gravity Sensor enables automatic rotation
* Built In OLED Screen for displaying frame rate and resolution for HDMI & SDI Input and signal address
* Remote Control with Built In RS232 & RS485 allows control from afar
* 71 Degree wide angle lens & 12 times optical zoom
* Broad connectivity supports AVT export
* 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x RJ45
* Supports up to Windows 10, MAC OS X, Linux, Android

Weight 3.18 kg
Dimensions 295 × 250 × 240 mm

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