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Simplecom CM202 Bi-Directional 2 Way DisplayPort Switch Selector DP 1.4 8K

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Simplecom CM202 Bi-Directional 2 Way DisplayPort Switch Selector DP 1.4 8K

CM202 is bi-directional 2-way DisplayPort switch than can be used to switch two different DisplayPort sources or DisplayPort displays. Toggle button allows you to quickly select a video source or displays, without having to swap cables.

You can connect two DisplayPort sources, such as laptop and PC, to one DisplayPort on your monitor, and allow two DisplayPort sources to share one DisplayPort on monitor. It also functions in the opposite direction, allows you to connect a DisplayPort source for toggling between two monitors. Note that two screens cannot display simultaneously under 1 input 2 outputs mode.

This switch is DisplayPort 1.4 compliant, and provides high bandwidth up to 32Gbps, which support video output up to 8K@30hz. Portable and compact size, easy to install. The durable aluminium alloy housing can efficiently dissipate heat to ensure durability and safe usage.


Bi-Directional DisplayPort switch for toggling between 2 DP sources or displays
Quickly switch video sources or displays without having to swap cables
Durable aluminium alloy casing, also efficiently dissipate heat
Portable and compact size, easy to install
DisplayPort 1.4 compliant, support bandwidth up to 32Gbps
Backwards compatible with previous DP version
Support video resolution up to 8K@30hz
Plug and Play, Powered by USB

Model: CM202
DisplayPort Version: DP 1.4
Video Resolution Support: up to 8K@30Hz, 4K@120Hz, 2K@144Hz, 1080P@240Hz
HDR Support: Yes
Max Bandwidth: 32Gbps
Max cable distance: 3M (Input + Output)
Max Operation Current: 0.5A
Power Input: USB-C, DC 5V (power adapter is not included)
Operating Temperature: (-15 to +55°C)
Dimension (L x W x H): 59x53x15mm
Weight: 35g
Package Contents

1 x Bi-Directional DisplayPort Switch
1 x DisplayPort cable
1 x USB Power Cable

Important Notes:

For stable connection, the max total cable length

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 240 × 126 × 20 mm

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