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Ubiquiti Display Cast, Instantly Transform TV Display, Manag Digital Signage Device, HDMI-compatible Display, PoE /USB-C Adapter Power, 2Yr War

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Important Warranty Information:
•2-Year Warranty: Current promotion running from March to December 2024, all Ubiquiti items purchased during this period come with 2 years warranty.
•For items purchased outside the specified period (March to December 2024), the standard Manufacturer’s warranty duration is 1 year.

Ubiquiti UC-Cast

SKU: UC-Cast

Description:Instantly transform any TV display into a managed digital signage device. It is a versatile wireless presentation and video conferencing solution, offering seamless screen sharing, 4K video quality, cross-platform compatibility, and user-friendly controls. It enables secure and convenient collaboration while supporting BYOD flexibility.

Tech Specs: Click Here
Installation Guide: Click Here

•Wireless Screen Sharing: Easily share screens wirelessly.
•Video Conferencing Integration: Seamlessly connect with popular conferencing apps.
•4K Resolution: Enjoy high-quality video output.
•Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works with various devices and operating systems.
•Secure Data Transfer: Ensures data privacy and security.
•Intuitive User Interface: User-friendly setup and control.
•BYOD Support: Use your own devices for presentations and meetings.

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 218 × 104 × 94 mm

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