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ViewSonic 24” ID2465 Touch Monitor with MPP 2.0 Active Pen, 10 Point Touch, Teach Learning Award, Education, Retail, Commercial

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Expand your workspace with the ID2456, a 24” Full HD touch monitor designed to break free from the limitations of a mouse and give you the freedom of working with a pen in hand. The MPP2.0 active pen combines with PCAP technology and Palm Rejection to deliver pinpoint accuracy when writing or drawing so you can optimize presentations, collaboration, and communication with the ability to freely capture and convey ideas in digital form. The multifunctional display covers 120% sRGB color gamut for a stunning viewing experience supported by advanced eye-care technology and ergonomic flexibility. Complete with seamless connectivity via USB-C and compatibility with all devices that support Microsoft Pen Protocol, the ID2456 adds a natural, intuitive, and hands-on experience to your personal workflow.​

24” Touch Monitor with MPP2.0 Active Pen ​
PCAP touch technology for fast and accurate touch response​
USB-C for instant plug-and-play connectivity via a single cable​
Ergonomic flexibility for optimal positioning in any task or setup​
Extended Windows Ink workspace for digital writing and design​
Compatible with all devices that support Microsoft Pen Protocol

A Digital Podium for next-level learning
A future-proof solution for dynamic presentations. Allowing presenters to take notes, sketch ideas, and connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

Seamless hybrid teaching integration with ViewDirector
ID2456 features exclusive ViewDirector software. A powerful live streaming software which allows teachers having clear communication
-Be Professional and Neat: Switch web camera source with no hassle.
-Intuitive to Use: Concise and easy understand user Inerface.
-Your Personalized UI: Customize your in-screen layout with dragging, enlarging and narrowing down to suit your needs.

Make Your Lecture Flow
Break free from the limitations of a mouse and enjoy the free-flowing precision of a pen. Powered by MPP2.0 technology for pinpoint accuracy

Weight 7.7 kg
Dimensions 645 × 125 × 410 mm

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